Bikini Beach Credits

100 min. | color | AIP | released: july 22, 1964

Alta Vista Productions | Pathecolor/Panavision | 35mm
Budget: $600,000 | Box Office: $4.5 million


Frankie Avalon ... as Frankie/Potato Bug
Annette Funicello ... as Dee Dee
Martha Hyer ... as Vivien Clements
Don Rickles ... as Big Drag
Harvey Lembeck ... as Eric Von Zipper
John Ashley ... as Johnny
Jody McCrea ... as Deadhead
Candy Johnson ... as Candy
Danielle Aubry ... as Lady Bug
Meredith MacRae ... as Animal
Delores Wells ... as Sniffles
Paul Smith ... as Cop #1
James Westerfield ... as Cop #2
Donna Loren ... as Donna
Little Stevie Wonder ... as Himself

introducing The Pyramids
The Exciters Band
Janos Prohaska ... as Clyde
Timothy Carey ... as South Dakota Slim
Val Warren ... as The Teenage Werewolf Monster

And Special Guest Star
Keenan Wynn ... as Harvey Huntington Honeywagon

Mary Kovacs ... as Old Lady #1
Renie Riano ... as Old Lady #2
Sheila Stephenson ... as Secretary
Ronnie Dayton ... as Potato Bug double

Rat Pack
Alberta Nelson
Linda Rogers
John Macchia
Bob Harvey
Andy Romano
Jerry Brutsche
Allen Fife

Guy Hemric
Gary Usher
Roger Christian
Frank Alesia
Johnny Fain
Mickey Dora
Duane King
Mike Nader
Ned Wynn
Ed Garner
Bud Kemp
Jay Mullin
Luree Holmes
Darlene Lucht
Mary Hughes
Salli Sachse
Linda Benson
Nancy Long
Linda Opie Bent (billed as Linda Bent)
Patti Chandler
Julie O’Conner

The producers wish to extend special thanks to Boris Karloff as The Art Dealer

Elizabeth Montgomery (voice only) ... as Lady Bug

Technical Advisors: Tommy Ivo & Von Deming, West Coast Go-Kart Champion
The Producers wish to thank the following people for their cooperation:
Dean Jeffries Designer of the “Manta Ray”
Keith Black & Don Prudhomme Designers of the “Freida”
Larry Stellings Designer of the “Britannica”
Stan Adams Publicity Director, The Pomona Drags
Chuck Griffith Business Manager, The Pomona Drags
Lt. Ron Root Secretary, The Pomona Drags – Board of Directors
The Pomona Valley Timing Association
The Pomona Police Department

Production Supervisor: Joe Wonder
Photography by: Floyd Crosby A.S.C.
Music Score by: Les Baxter
Music Coordinator: Al Simms
Choreography by: Tom Mahoney
Second Unit Director: Anthony Carras
Art Direction: Daniel Haller
Film Editors: Fred Feitshans A.C.E. & Eve Newman
Music Editor: Milton Lustig
Sound Editor: Kathleen Rose
Costumes by: Marjorie Corso
Surfboards by: Phil of Downey, California
Beachwear and Women’s Sportswear Clothing by: Sun Fashions of Hawaii, Ltd.
Ah Men’s Sportswear, Hollywood Designed by: Jerry Furlow
Titles and Photographic Special Effects: Butler-Glouner, Inc.
Special Effects by: Roger George & Joe Zomar (billed as Joe Zonar)
Assistant Director: Clark Paylow
Properties: Karl Brainard
Sound: Don Rush
Makeup: Ted Coodley
Hairdresser: Eve Newing
Set Decorator: Harry Reif
Construction Coordinator: Ross Hahn
Production Assistant: Jack Cash
Co-Producer: Anthony Carras
Produced by: James H. Nicholson & Samuel Z. Arkoff
Written by: William Asher, Leo Townsend & Robert Dillon
Directed by: William Asher
Stunts: Linda Benson, Ronnie Dayton, Mickey Dora, Johnny Fain, Tommy Ivo (uncredited)
Surfing Coordinator: Phil Sauers (uncredited)