Muscle Beach Party Credits

94 min. | color | AIP | released: march 25, 1964

Alta Vista Productions | Pathecolor/Panavision | 35mm


Frankie Avalon ... as Frankie
Annette Funicello ... as Dee Dee
Luciana Paluzzi ... as Julie
John Ashley ... as Johnny
Don Rickles ... as Jack Fanny
Peter Turgeon ... as Theodore
Jody McCrea ... as Deadhead
Dick Dale ... as Himself
The Del Tones ... as Themselves
Candy Johnson ... as Candy
Rock Stevens (aka Peter Lupus) ... as Flex Martian
Valora Noland ... as Animal
Delores Wells ... as Sniffles
Donna Loren ... as Donna

Muscle Men
Bob Seven ... as Rock
Larry Scott ... as Biff
Steve Merjanian ... as Tug
Chester Yorton ... as Sulk
Dan Haggerty ... as Riff
Gene Shuey ... as Mash
Gordon Case ... as Clod

Muscle Girls
Alberta Nelson ... as Lisa
Amedee Chabot ... as Floe

Beach Boys
Duane Ament
Gary Usher
Guy Hemric
Roger Christian

Beach Girls
Laura Lynn (aka Ashlyn Martin)
Luree Holmes
Lorie Summers
Darlene Lucht
Maureen O’Connor

Surfer Boys
Mike Diffenderfer
Mike Nader
Ed Garner
Charles Hasley
Mickey Dora
Johnny Fain
Bill Graham
Larry Shaw
Duane King
Charles Van Artsdalen

Surfer Girls
Linda Opie Bent (billed as Linda Opie)
Salli Sachse
Patricia Rane
Kathy Kessler
Mary Hughes
Linda Benson

Morey Amsterdam ... as Cappy

introducing Little Stevie Wonder

Buddy Hackett ... as The Rich Business Manager (S.Z. Matts)

The producers extend special thanks to Mr.Peter Lorre for his contribution to this film as “Mr. Strangdour” soon to be seen inBikini Beach

Bob Harvey

Production Supervisor: Joe Wonder
Second Unit Director: Anthony Carras
Photographed by: Harold Wellman A.S.C.
Music Coordinator: Al Simms
Music by: Les Baxter
Surfboards by: Phil of Downey, California
Muscle Man Dance Sequence Choreographed by: John Monte (National Dance Instructor, Fred Astaire Studios)
Swim Suits by: Rose Marie Reid
Ah Men Designs by: Jerry Furlow
Women’s Sportswear by: Phil Rose of California
Mr. Hackett’s Wardrobe by: Mr. Guy of Los Angeles
Film Editors: Eve Newman & Fred Feitshans A.C.E.
Sound Editor: Kathleen Rose
Music Editor: Lloyd Young
Costumes by: Marjorie Corso
Titles and Photographic Special Effects: Butler-Glouner, Inc.
Assistant Director: Clark Paylow
Properties: Karl Brainard
Sound: Don Rush
Makeup: Ted Coodley
Hairdresser: Betty Pedretti
Special Effects: Pat Dinga
Set Decorator: Harry Reif
Construction Coordinator: Ross Hahn
Art Direction: Lucius Croxton
Production Assistant: Jack Cash
Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff
Screenplay by: Robert Dillon
Story by: Robert Dillon & William Asher
Produced by: James H. Nicholson & Robert Dillon
Directed by: William Asher
stunts: Linda Benson, Ronnie Dayton, Mickey Dora, Johnny Fain (uncredited)
Surfing Coordinator: Phil Sauers (uncredited)