Beach Party Credits

98 min. | color | AIP | released: august 7, 1963

Alta Vista Productions | Pathecolor/Panavision | 35mm
Budget: $350,000 | Box Office: $2.3 million


Robert Cummings... as Professor Robert Orville Sutwell
Dorothy Malone... as Marianne
Frankie Avalon... as Frankie
Annette Funicello... as Dolores
Morey Amsterdam... as Cappy
Harvey Lembeck... as Eric Von Zipper
Eva Six... as Ava
John Ashley... as Ken
Jody McCrea... as Deadhead
Dick Dale... as Himself
The Del Tones... as Themselves
Andy Romano... as J.D.

The Ratz and Mice
Jerry Brutsche
Bob Harvey
John Macchia
Alberta Nelson
Linda Rogers

David Landfield... as Ed
Valora Noland... as Rhonda
Bobby Payne. . . as Tom
Delores Wells... as Sue
Roger Bacon... as Tour Guide

Beach Girls
Meredith MacRae
Lorrie Summers
Luree Nicholson (aka Luree Holmes)
Laura Nicholson
Donna Russell
Pam Colbert

Beach Boys
Johnny Fain
John Beach
Mike Nader
Mickey Dora
Ed Garner

and introducing
Candy Johnson... as Perpetual Motion Dancer

special thanks to:
Vincent Price as Big Daddy
Soon to be seen in Edgar Allan Poe’s “Haunted Palace”

Duane Ament... as Big Boy
Yvette Vickers... as Yogi Girl
Sharon Garrett... as Yogi Girl
Paulette Rapp
Marlo Baers
Bill Slosky
Brent Battin
Roger Christian
Gary Usher
Bill Parker
Susan Yardley
Laura Lynn
Brian Wilson

Executive Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff
Associate Producer: Robert Dillon
Production Supervisor: Bartlett A. Carre
Photographed by: Kay Norton
Music Coordinator: Al Simms
Music Score by: Les Baxter
Art Direction: Daniel Haller
Film Editor: Homer Powell
Music Editor: Eve Newman
Sound Editor: Al Bird
Costumes by: Marjorie Corso
Titles and Photographic Special Effects: Butler-Glouner, Inc.
Unit Manager: Robert Agnew
Assistant Director: Clark Paylow
Second Assistant Director: Lew Borzage (uncredited)
Properties: Karl Brainard
Sound: Don Rush
Sound Recordist: Roger White (uncredited)
Assistant Camera: Bob Simpson (uncredited)
Assistant to the Director: Lois O’Connor
Makeup: Carlie Taylor
Hairdresser: Scotty Rackin
Set Decorator: Harry Reif
Construction Coordinator: Ross Hahn
Props: Richard M. Rubin (uncredited)
Production Assistant: Jack Cash
Produced by: James H. Nicholson & Lou Rusoff
Directed by: William Asher
Written by: Lou Rusoff
stunts: Ronnie Dayton, Mickey Dora, Johnny Fain (uncredited)